Brighton Sister Cities

Brighton Sister Cities is a collaborative cultural exchange program between the cities of Brighton Colorado and Ziebice Poland. Inaugurated in 1995 the program has given students, civic and business leaders, educators and individual representatives the opportunity to experience a cross cultural sharing of ideas, events, programs, and celebrations. Since its inception over 200 student and adults have participated in the sister cities exchange program. The exchange is based on an every year rotation alternating between Brighton visiting Ziebice and Ziebice visiting Brighton.

3 thoughts on “Brighton Sister Cities

  1. Marshall says:

    This looks amazing! Good work, and 7 days until the trip! Yay!

  2. judy kreutzer says:

    Glad everyone made it to Ziebice safe and sound. Sounds like your travels went well. Enjoy your time in Ziebice and make sure you tell everyone there hi from me.WHAT A GREAT PLACE & SPECIAL FRIENDS!!!! KISSES TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!!:) Judy

  3. judy kreutzer says:

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like you guys are having a GREAT time. You blog is wonderful! Congratulations to Susan and Neil!!!! If it weren`t for you guys and Henry we wouldn`t be a part of this wonderful exchange. Have fun and enjoy Ziebice!!! KISSES TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Judy P.S. Seth is doing fine.

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